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Welcome to the Home of Elk Grove Babe Ruth Baseball!

Youth baseball ages 13 to 18 years old in Elk Grove, California.

2021 Season Update - Covid-19 Update 11/30/20 !!!

We are committed to player safety so we are taking this extreme action to ensure there is no risk to the players and their families!

In the meantime, please stay healthy and safe and follow the guidelines of the following organizations:
Babe Ruth League National Office
Sacramento County Department of Health
California Department of Public Health

We have been getting a lot of inquiries about our plans for 2021 and we notice that the younger baseball leagues are taking signups, so we’d like to address the question and let you know what we are thinking.

First of all, we are itching to get back on the field and will do whatever is necessary to make that happen. As you know, the pandemic has gotten much worse during November. We are part of the national organization Babe Ruth League and we use fields owned and maintained by Cosumnes Community Services District. Both of these organizations are going to be extremely careful about sanctioning youth league activities in order to limit their liability. You can bet that when we get back on the field, it will be with a required waiver that exonerates any organization that has anything to do with our games and practices. If Sacramento County gets to the orange tier, then games will be allowed (with some modifications).

But again, we are anxious to get back to playing baseball, so we will do what is necessary to start up. At this point, it seems unlikely that we could run our program on a normal schedule. It is increasing likely that the season would have to start late, perhaps several months late. This would mean that it would essentially be a summer league. Our program for high school players to join the league as “supplementals” (half a season) is also uncertain because we don’t know yet what kind of a schedule the high schools will have.

We feel for the league age 16 year-olds who missed the chance to play their final season in the 13-16 league. Our intention is to run a 16-18 program at the same time as the 13-16 program.

What we want to do in the interim is to take an informational signup that does not require any commitment or financial obligation. It is a merely an expression of interest, so we can get started on planning the season. Before we get to tryouts, it is permissible for us to run some workouts for 12 players or less and two coaches. Once we have players informally registered, we can start inviting them to participate in workouts, weather permitting. Of course, joining workouts is completely voluntary, but each player will need to complete the informational signup to be eligible for the workouts. A waiver will also be required to participate.

Once we see better news with California counties starting to move into the red and orange tiers, we can start to get more precise about dates for tryouts, practices and games. At that time, we will conduct an official signup process and collect funds.


Sorry we cannot be more exact about the 2021 season, but such are the times right now. 

Join the Fun! Elk Grove Babe Ruth Baseball!

  • Gormley's Retirement Home Red Wings 2019 EGBR Spring Champions!
  • Gormley's Retirement Home Red Wings 2019 EGBR Spring Champions!
  • Gormley's Retirement Home Red Wings 2019 EGBR Spring Champions!
  • Gormley's Retirement Home Red Wings 2019 EGBR Spring Champions!
  • Tyler Routt All-Stars
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Joe Matlen President

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