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Welcome to the Home of Elk Grove Babe Ruth Baseball!

Youth baseball ages 13 to 18 years old in Elk Grove, California.

2021 Spring Season Registration now Open!

** As of 03/31/2021, EGBR is full for the 2021 season, however, we will still take signups to be put on a waiting list. Unlike waiting at restaurants for a table though, we can’t exactly pinpoint when an opening will be available. Sometimes kids drop out due to poor grades, injury, disinterest, not enough time because of other activities, etc. If the season has started and there is an opening to fill, we will adjust the registration fee down to recognize that some games have already been played. There is no fee required to pay while on a waiting list – if pay choices are listed, just choose the offline pay option. **


Registration is open for the 2021 Spring Season!!! There are still approvals needed to be obtained, but all signs point to the ability to conduct games in the very near future. We plan on conducting a full 22 game season and to give high school players the opportunity to join us for the latter half of the season. Normally, the “supplementals” would get 11 games, this year it will be ten games.

We are planning on tryouts for Saturday March 27 and for Saturday April 3. Players should only attend one tryout, not both. It is possible that there will be a mid-week tryout under the lights if we feel it is necessary. Exact times will be sent in a separate communication. Drafting should be complete by April 10, and the season would start on Saturday, April 24. Supplemental players would start playing right after Memorial Day, and the season would conclude on Saturday, June 26. Playoffs would begin after that, and while the exact format has not been determined yet, we feel that they should conclude before the July 4 holiday weekend.

We take the safety of all participants and spectators very seriously and will fully comply with modifications required for game play. Spectators will likely have to be dispersed around the field in their own portable chairs, as more of the stands will be needed to space the players and possibly a few spectators. Sharing of equipment is probably not possible, so for those that need it, we may issue helmets or catcher’s gear to some players to hold onto for the entire season. However, we encourage each player to at least have their own bat and helmet. Bats must be BBCOR or USA branded. Max diameter is 2 5/8”.

We don’t know yet how the Babe Ruth League all-star tournaments will be conducted, if at all, but we are prepared to conduct the 2021 season on our terms and worry about all-stars later.

Registration fees for a full-time player is $225, and a supplemental player is $175. A copy of a utility bill to prove residency location will be required at registration. Clothing items included will be pants, shirt, cap, & socks. Eligible birthdates are 5/1/2004 to 4/30/2008. Those with birthdates from 5/1/2004 to 4/30/2005 will not be allowed to pitch. Birthdates from 5/1/2008 to 4/30/2009 could possibly be approved to play, but on a case-by-case basis and only with permission from the appropriate Cal Ripken league. Go to to sign up – please do so by March 23.

 - Joe Matlen

We are committed to player safety so we are taking careful action to ensure there is no risk to the players and their families!

In the meantime, please stay healthy and safe and follow the guidelines of the following organizations:

Babe Ruth League National Office
Sacramento County Department of Health
California Department of Public Health

Join the Fun! Elk Grove Babe Ruth Baseball!

  • Gormley's Retirement Home Red Wings 2019 EGBR Spring Champions!
  • Gormley's Retirement Home Red Wings 2019 EGBR Spring Champions!
  • Gormley's Retirement Home Red Wings 2019 EGBR Spring Champions!
  • Gormley's Retirement Home Red Wings 2019 EGBR Spring Champions!
  • Tyler Routt All-Stars
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Joe Matlen President

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