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ATTENTION 16-18 YEAR-OLD PLAYERS! A Team is being formed for Fall Baseball

By Rob LaFont, 08/01/19, 10:45AM PDT


The following is offered by a friend of the league, but is not an official EGBR program. We will help with organization and scheduling

The following is offered by a friend of the league, but is not an official EGBR program. We will help with organization and scheduling.

An attempt to form a 16 - 18 year old team for summer ball failed, but we will try again for the fall.

The team will be managed and coached by Rob LaFont of the Babe Ruth League Rattlers and by Bill Poindexter, who has vast experience as a manager and coach from the High School level down to Little League. He also happens to be the  Sports Editor of the Sacramento Bee!).  

According to LaFont the summer effort failed to gain enough players to put together a schedule.  "We apparently came up with the idea of giving 16 thru 18 year old alumni and players graduating from the Babe Ruth League Spring Program a place to continue rather than being forced into baseball retirement at such a young age", he said. 

 "It's almost a case of 'which comes first, the chicken or the egg?'.   We had to attract at least 11 or 12 players.  We got seven to sign up."

"However, we can't start contacting other teams to put together a schedule until our roster is filled and set", the Coach said.   "We learned a lesson, though.  If we do this again next year, we have to post the announcement for signups probably in April if we hope to fill a Summer schedule".

So now Coach LaFont figures we are posting the announcement for signups at an early enough date that we can target a FALL schedule. This is contingent on IF qualified, interested players sign up soon!

We will be playing high school Junior Varsity and Varsity teams, among others..  "For that reason, we must be competitive to assure the ongoing survival of this program."

The hope is for a schedule of perhaps a dozen games, for after school and Saturday scheduling recognizing the needs of our student athletes and to accommodate their parents who may need to bring their sons to the games. Some 16 year-olds already drive.

So we are looking for players who are former All Star caliber players (at least once) from our Babe Ruth League, or have some High School ball experience.  Former travel league players who never made All Stars will be considered.

We will not merely be sending our players out to play.  There will be heavy emphasis on instruction in each aspect of the game.  The hope is such players will polish their skills and be ready for future high school, or even college ball tryouts.  

Furthermore, although 16 year-olds who just finished their season in our Babe Ruth League were not allowed to pitch, this Fall program provides an opportunity for experienced pitchers to pitch again!!!!

Beyond that, maybe you will catch the attention of a  high school coach 

Once we have a full roster, we will begin practices likely the later part of August.  We will contact players who sign up and meet our competitive criteria. 

Games against High Schools will likely take place at their venues, here in the Greater Sacramento area.  Games against other teams not affiliated with high schools will take place at our local fields.  Or theirs. 

Interested players can reach Manager LaFont directly by email at or by texting at (916) 802-9122 to ask further questions.  Contact Coach LaFont to actually sign up.

  Don't Retire Yet!  Join Us!


Rob LaFont
(916) 802-9122  cell