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EGBR Bat Rules starting 2018/2019

By Chuck Arthur, 10/23/18, 12:00AM PDT


Babe Ruth League, Inc., which is the parent organization for Elk Grove Babe Ruth Baseball, has mandated new bat rules beginning in 2018. All bats for our league must have either:

1) a BBCOR .50 stamp or, 

2) a USA Bat stamp or, 

3) be a wood bat. 

All other bats are ineligible for use in the league.

BBCOR is the standard used for high school, and has been in place for several years. All BBCOR bats are called "drop threes" or the weight in ounces being three less than the length in inches. For example, 33 inch, 30 oz.

Drop threes may be too heavy for younger players in our league, so the USA bat standard would be more suitable for those players. You can find those bats in a wide variety of "drops" - -10, -8, -5, etc.  

This new standard is effective with the 2018 season and there are no old bats grandfathered in.  All bats in our league must be 2 5/8" diameter barrel.